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School Accountability Report Card
Newark Memorial High School

A California Distinguished High School
A California State Finalist, National Blue Ribbon Program

Patricia Christa, Principal
Carol Arnold, Office Manager

39375 Cedar Boulevard
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Section I: School Description
School Profile

Newark Memorial High School, the only comprehensive high school in Newark, serves 2012 students and 200 employees. The City of Newark houses 41,000 people, while Newark Unified School District educates 7100 students in its K-12 district. We are pleased to inform the school's community about our rigorous academic program and stellar athletic and co-curricular successes. As a diverse group of students, staff members, and community, we are proud to be partners in education. We are appreciative of our supportive community and graciously thank you for the successful passage of our recent school bond, Measure B. Together, we work to ensure a premier education for students. As a visionarium of ideas, achievements, and opportunities, we are committed to young people, their daily lives, and the reality of their future.

Newark Memorial consists of learning centers that house science, math and technology, modern languages and American Sign, ESL and English, social science, arts and special programs, physical education, musical arts, visual arts, and theatrical arts. Our Small Necessary High School, Bridgepoint, is a part of the campus serving students an alternative education. Additionally, NMHS has a 300 seat theater with a digital lighting system, updated science labs/classrooms, electronic video lab, state-of-the-art co-generated swimming pool, a fully equipped weight room, an all weather track and lighted football stadium. The campus is spacious, airy, neat, suggesting the atmosphere of inclusion, acceptance and caring that characterize the programs and processes of our school.

One computer double lab holds 70 students or two classes per period; one of these labs houses Power Macs and is interneted and networked. Adjacent to the computer labs are two computer classrooms where Information Processing, Word Processing, Yearbook, and Accounting are taught. Our library has 31,000 books and a bank of computers available to students for internet use. The library has its own Website.

Our strong efforts to provide a driven program have been recognized by WASC, who cited us for exemplary practices and programs, The California Distinguished School Program, national and local news, with KPIX, 48 Hours, The Argus, The Mercury News, CASC, and CADA Programs. Individually, staff members, both certificated and classified, have been recipients of State, National and Local Awards and some staff members have published works. As of the writing of this report we have received notice from State Superintendent, Delaine Eastin, that Newark Memorial is one of 29 California High Schools selected as a finalist for the National Blue Ribbon Program. To produce scholars, citizens and the future of America, we have created a common vision that paints the passion of Newark Memorial. This important VISION document details artfully six basic principles:

The Heart of the Matter at Newark Memorial High School ... Students

  1. Curricular paths have been designed to involve participation with the community and radiate in three directions - academic, technological, vocational.

  2. We assure that powerful teaching and learning address the needs of all students by using interactive and inquiry methods of instruction.

  3. The comprehensive support of each student by staff, community, parents and other students is essential as we take and educate all students to create a harmonious diversity.

  4. Newark Memorial's school environment is academic, aesthetic and safe both inside and outside the classroom. Our philosophy is people-centered and based on a foundation of communication and respect for all students, teachers, parents and community members.

  5. In their professional roles the certificated and classified staff continually and consistently reflect upon their responsibilities related to student success and take into consideration the changes and refinements in academic and technological advancements.

  6. Assessment and accountability are an essential part of our school. All students, staff and parents are accountable for the success and achievement of students with open, honest and clear 2-way communication, all students will be prepared for post high school work or college/university.

Student Attendance

Attendance and student achievement go hand in hand. Experience proves that students who attend school on a regular basis record better achievement. The State of California supports its schools for only the earned Average Daily Attendance (ADA) days. The ADA days are a combination of days in class plus days of absences excused by the State of California.

Daily Student Attendance
Daily ADA

Section II: School Support

The Newark Unified School District spent an average of $4800 per pupil during the 1997-1998 school year. This figure includes funds for General Education, Special Education and State and Federal Funds for students with special needs.

Community Involvement

Newark Memorial parents and the local community are an integral part of the school program. Through the School Site Council, Parent Club, Parent Advisory and booster organizations our programs are assisted, financially supported and enhanced. Our community believes that parents want the best for their children, can provide crucial information about their children to help improve the learning process, and collaborate with teachers, counselors, and other school services to ensure educational success. Parents and staff model for students the foundation for informed decision-making. Examples of parent involvement include: Odyssey of the Mind, Academic Decathlon Committee, Newark Schools Foundation, Report Card Night, International Food Faire, Library, Parent Club, School Site Council, Arts Academy and Student Clubs. WASC has cited the parents for supporting in a variety of financial and non-financial ways the academic, creative, athletic, and social activities which enrich and help create a positive school culture.


As required by SB280, listed below is a comparison of Newark Unified School District's salaries with various statewide averages for the 1996-97 school year.

Category NUSD Statewide -
1500 +Daily Attendance
Statewide -
5000 +Daily Attendance
Average Beg. Teacher Salary $30,000 $25,882 $26,512
Mid Teacher Salary $44,500 $39,820 $42,768
High Teacher Salary $56,000 $49,372 $50,370
Avg. School Principal Salary   $61,911 $66,099
    K-6 $67,310    
    7-12 $70,050    
Superintendent $93,366 $81,704 $93,273
% of Budget for Adm. Sal. 5% 5.84% 5.81%
% of Budget for Teacher Sal. & Benefits 52% 42.43% 43.44%

Section III: School Programs and Resources

The items in this section focus on the operation of the school. They are reported to help broaden community understanding of the internal conditions and resources.

Leadership and Instructional Support

Newark Memorial offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on the knowledge and processes students need to be successful in college and in the world of work. All students are required to take four years of English, three years of social science, two years of mathematics, two years of science, two years of PE, one semester of state requirements and one year of foreign language or fine arts. Our course offerings meet and exceed the entrance requirements of all major universities and military academies in the U.S. College preparatory courses include advanced placement/honors classes in English, Spanish, French, German, Physics, Calculus, U.S. History, and Music Theory, Art History and C++. Additionally, students may choose from an array of photography, drama, music, art, and video productions through our "ARTS ACADEMY." Students may select an extended 8 period day should the student choose an "arts major." Newark Memorial students may choose accelerated and honors classes if they and their families are committed to an academic challenge. Our Special Education Program meets the needs of students who are identified as needing the support of a Resource Specialist Program, or a self-contained class for severely handicapped. Special Education teachers are assisted by aides and the services from a psychologist, speech therapist, and an adaptive PE teacher. Our English as a Second Language Program is a model in the state of California and assists students in acquiring the language skills necessary to successfully graduate from high school and continue their education. ESL includes sheltered and college preparatory classes in all subjects.

Counseling and Student Support Services

Newark Memorial has a strong student services team which includes three full time counselors, one whose duties include crisis counseling, and four administrators who confer with students on their academic performance and attendance. Teachers are sought by students for counseling on a regular basis and also act as class advisors. Classified staff who work with students include a group of people called monitors who on a daily basis listen and talk with students. Career Center Technicians manage our Career Center and arrange college visitations, college awareness sessions and career path information. Tutors and mentors are available under the management of a tutorial technician funded by SIP. Sophomores receive special academic counseling from a 20% FTE (full time equivalent) from funds provided through Senate Bill #813.

To facilitate transition to Newark Memorial High School eighth graders are given recommendations by their teachers. High School counselors meet with students and parents and help guide them to a pathway to fit their individual needs. Eighth graders who have below a 2.0 GPA are enrolled in PACE (PRE-High School Academic Core Enrichment), a summer school program created by a team of high school teachers of math, reading and writing. PACE bridges the gap between the middle school and high school by providing high school orientation, an emphasis on study and organizational skills and parent support services. Transfer students and their parents meet with a counselor to evaluate transcripts and course offerings as they relate to graduation requirements.

Classroom Discipline and Climate for Learning

Newark Memorial has a school-wide discipline plan which includes Board Policies and California Education Codes. Each year all students and their families are given a Student Behavior and Parent Information Handbook outlining student behavior guidelines and expectations. Discipline presentations are provided by the assistant principals at the beginning of each semester on teaching policies, highlighting changes in juvenile laws and outlining discipline codes. It is Newark Memorial's policy to ensure that all students are dealt with fairly and given due process. Additionally, we have created a Conflict Management Class for student intervention; we have established a Responsibility Center where an administrator is in attendance all periods for immediate behavior intervention. Teachers provide individual class rules at the beginning of the year. Drug prevention programs are numerous, including a thorough unit taught in State Requirement classes to freshmen. A club, Friday Night Live, which originated as a part of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), has expanded to include information about a 12-step program for students with addictions. The DARE program is also extended to the high school through teacher training of students to prepare them to teach elementary classes to say "no." Newark Memorial, in conjunction with the City of Newark, has administered two surveys. The results of each validated that NMHS is a safe campus and conducive to learning.

Class Size and Teacher Student Ratios

Newark Memorial's staffing ratio is 26:1 with a result of 30:1 in each class. Teachers who teach 5 periods per day average 150 pupil contacts.

Substitute Teachers

When teachers are absent it is important to hire highly qualified substitute teachers. The quality of instruction depends on the ability of the substitute to maintain the program. Substitutes are evaluated on a daily basis by the Associate Principal and recommended to return or not.

Teacher Assignments

Newark Memorial has 71.6 full time equivalent teachers. The majority of the teachers teach 5 periods per day. During the 96-97 school year, staffing resulted in a few teachers teaching 6/5's. This is an agreement between the union and the school district and is only allowed with union approval. Others teach 4, 3 and 2 periods. All department chairs teach 4 periods with an additional preparation period for department coordination.

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Improvement

By District contract, all temporary and probationary teachers are evaluated each year and permanent teachers are evaluated every other year. All administrators receive training in teacher evaluation. Teachers by contract are evaluated on an evaluation instrument they took part in creating, "The Learning Plan."

Beginning teachers take part in the BTSA Program. Newark Memorial's School Site Council has budgeted $300 per teacher for professional improvement through conference attendance. Classified are encouraged to take professional improvement coursework or attend conferences also.

Training and Curriculum Development

Professional development is provided for all staff, both certificated and classified. Eight days are allocated by the California Department of Education throughout the school year, our Board of Education approved all eight days. Professional growth takes part on these days, as well as before/after school, release time, attendance at local/other conferences, during summer workshops and throughout the school year using specially funded programs such as SIP, Eisenhower Grant funds and Carl Perkins funds. The purpose of staff development is to provide on-going programs designed for new and different instructional strategies, promising practices, improved job-related skills and foster the practice of life-long learning. Newark Memorial and the district have focused on: Literacy, Infusion of Technology in the Curriculum, Social Science, CLAD, BTSA, in-house technology training, ACTFL, CLTA, and CATESOL. Additionally, teachers who apply for a mentorship are given a stipend of $4000 with $1500 for a project budget.

Curriculum for the next three years will focus on state mandated standards in language arts, math and science. The challenge will be to determine what state approved program do teachers believe best meets the needs of our students.

Facilities and Safety

Newark Memorial is 26 years old. Our school is beautifully maintained by a great group of on-site maintenance staff, as well as district staff. The instructional fields project has been completed allowing full usage of the play fields. Buildings have been constructed, science labs, weight room, pool, the addition of portable buildings every year, but the most exciting projects will be constructed over the next eight years. The will of the community has defined the future of Newark Memorial's facilities with the successful passage of the June '97 Bond Measure. Funding from these bonds will update, renovate and construct the necessary facilities for the burgeoning growth of Newark Memorial. Projected into the future will be the construction of a new Public Address system, heating and air system, and inner quad landscaping with necessary outdoor seating for students and staff. A new gym, expansion of the student cafeteria, a technology center, renovation of science, art, music, as well as new classrooms will not only bring Newark Memorial into the new millennium, but provide the best learning facilities students richly deserve.

Our theater has state-of-the-art lighting and will go through a renovation. The art gallery is complete with lighting and tack board for art. A sound system will add a dimension for both art, and music thus illustrating a true correlation of the arts. Our library is networked with access to the internet. With new funding, computers will be upgraded to provide students with the resources needed for research. All classrooms are equipped with mounted televisions and VCR's. A fence surrounding the student parking lot and gates at all entrances to the campus have heightened security for staff and students.

Teaching and Instructional Materials

Newark Memorial High School purchases books, materials, and software resources annually. The latest acquisitions include, Magruder's American Government, 1997, Biology The Living Science, 1998, AP Biology, 1998, Conceptual Physics, 1997, College Physics, 1995, ASL Bravo, & Secondary 1998, Spanish for Spanish Speakers, 1996. United States History and World History texts are 1993 and 1992 respectively. Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, 1996, Algebra, Scott Foresmen Integrated Mathematics, 1995, Algebra 2 With Trigonometry, 1995, Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry, 1996, and Advanced Mathematics, Precalculus with Discrete Mathematics and Data Analysis, 1996. The English Department resources include 8000 books, most of which are novels used by grade levels 9,10,11, and 12 on a rotating basis. All texts at Newark Memorial High School are rotated on a seven year cycle. The Library Center serves as a learning laboratory for students. Resources are available in print and electronic formats to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles. On-line access to information from around the world is available to students and staff from 7:00 am to 4:30 p.m. daily.

Section IV: Student/School Outcomes

One measure of a school's success is how well its students perform on standardized tests. Newark Memorial has used the CAT-V for the last two years and will administer the SAT 9 as directed by the State. Last total battery scores for grades 9 and 10 were 53.5 and 52.5 respectively. Other measures used for Newark Memorial are California Golden State Examinations. We administer GSEs to all students taking algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry and written communications in English. Also taken by students are PSATs, SATs, ACTs, and Advanced Placement Exams.

CAT/5 Complete
Scores Expressed in Normal Curve Equivalents

  9th Grade 10th Grade
Year 5/96 4/97 5/96 4/97
Enrollment 564 568 439 527
% Tested 87% 86% 86% 93%
# Excluded 76 78 62 38
% Excluded 13% 14% 14% 7%
Reading Comprehension 47 44 45 49
Total Reading 47 43 43 48
Language Expression 49 45 43 44
Total Language 51 48 45 48
Math Concepts 57 55 61 58
Total Math 55 53 57 53

Advanced Placement School: NEWARK MEMORIAL
Program District: NEWARK UNIFIED
5-Year Summary County: ALAMEDA
Advanced Placement Tests 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
    # Tests taken 119 100 93 103 118
    # Tests passed 78 64 62 64 70
    (> 3 or higher)          

a-f Requirements for the University of California
  # of students
a U.S. His., World His., Government/Economics 1180
b English, Poetry, Humanities, ESL Transitional Lit. 1329
c Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Calculus, Math Analysis - Honors 1130
d Chemistries, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Biology - Honors, Physics - Honors 855
e American Sign Language, French, German, Spanish, ELD Spanish for Spanish Speakers 780
f Elective Courses: Journalism 31
    Computer Programming - C++ 49
    Psychology 242
    Visual and Performing Arts 554

Numbers of students taking the combined SAT and ACT tests
  1993 1994 1995 1996 1997
Grade 12 Enrollment 371 383 318 380 360
SAT Test  
    Test Takers - Number 119 126 113 123 155
    Test Takers - Percent 32.1 32.9 35.5 32.4 43.1
    Average verbal score 487 485 486 488 490
    Average math score 504 522 512 513 510
ACT Test  
    Test Takers - Number 24 33 26 20 24
    Test Takers - Percent 6.5 8.6 8.2 5.3 6.7
    Average composite score 22.9 23.2 22.3 20.5 21.0
Combined SAT and ACT  
    Test Takers - Number 125 134 122 129 161
    Test Takers - Percent 33.7 35.0 38.4 33.9 44.7
    Meeting Criteria - # 62 76 61 72 86
    Meeting Criteria - Rate 16.7 19.8 19.2 18.9 23.9

School/Program Effectiveness

Newark Memorial was reviewed in the 1991-1992 school year by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), receiving the maximum six year accreditation with a three year mid-term review. Major commendations were given in all academic areas, counseling and career guidance, administration and leadership, positive environment and climate, strong school support and community, excellent facilities, high rate of student participation in the co-curricular program. Programs of Conscience which require students to use higher order thinking skills of analysis, interpretation, evaluation, problem solving and application of principles, Arts Academy as an interrelated discipline, ESL staff for defining the needs of students and sharing successful instructional strategies which results in an improved program for students.

Staff committees and departments are addressing the upcoming WASC, Focus on Learning process beginning the spring of '98. Graduate statistics show that 85% of students attend college, while the remainder enlist in the military or go into the work force.

Readiness for Work

Newark Memorial High School prepares students for the World of Work with its Mission Valley Regional Occupations Program. ROP classes are held on site and at the MVROP Center. A multitude of courses are available including health, travel and tourism, engineering, drafting, information processing, technical preparation, American Sign Language, merchandise and marketing and others. Many of the courses include field work. We have a 2+2 relationship with Ohlone, where many of our graduates leave post high school. Our award winning Career Center offers a battery of sequential tests beginning at 9th grade and ending with a Career Fair and Job Shadowing during the senior year. Our Special students are given opportunities through workability and are placed into the work force during school and post high school. Guest speakers, college representatives and representatives from business schools are scheduled throughout the year for student awareness. The Career Center staff offers student workshops, maintains a file of employment materials and publishes monthly scholarship information.

Our instructional program integrates vocational and academic curricula. One example lies within the visual and performing arts academy. Mock Trial students prepare and deliver trial cases. Links between school and the world of work are explored by students working in the library.

Section V: Student/School Needs and Planning

This section provides a summary of the school/student needs, recommendations for school improvement and school/community resources for parents.

School Needs

  • Facilities' expansion, improvement and construction/realized by the successful passage of Measure B
  • Increased money for textbooks and instructional materials
  • Continued curriculum program development
  • Improved articulation–Jr. High and elementary school
  • Staff development in effective instructional strategies, alternative assessment techniques and technology training
  • Improved and updated software and computers for library

School/Community Resources for Parents

School Site Council (SIP), Parent Advisory
Career/Guidance Services, Counselors
Newark Memorial High School Parent Newsletter (Visions)
Student Behavior and Parent Handbook
Cal State at Hayward, Ohlone College
School Site and District Bilingual Advisory Committees
Teachers, Administrators, Classified Staff, Board of Education, Booster Clubs, Parent Club

Instructional Minimum Requirements

During the 1997-1998 school year, the Newark Memorial school calendar included 180 teaching days that met or exceeded California State Minimum requirements for instructional minutes. Grades 9-12 - 65,981 (64,800 State Requirement SB813)

Glossary of Terms

ACTFL -- Assoc. Councils of Teachers of Foreign Language
BTSA -- Beginning Teachers' Support Assistance
CADA -- California Association of Directors of Activities
CASC -- California Association of Student Councils
CATESOL -- California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
CLAD -- Cross-cultural Language and Academic Dev.
CLTA -- California Language Teachers' Association
DARE -- Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education
ESL -- English as a Second Language
GSE -- Golden State Examination
PSAT -- Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
SIP -- School Improvement Program
WASC -- Western Association of Schools & Colleges

Board of Education

Mark Dunn, President
Ray J. Rodriguez, Clerk
Eileen McDonald, Trustee
William McMillin, Trustee
Janice Schaefer, Trustee

District Administration

Kenneth A. Sherer, Superintendent
Nancy L. Villarreal, Assistant Superintendent
Lorenzo Legaspi, Assistant Superintendent

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